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There have been many presentations featured
in NB news  and here are  some of them

February 8, 2013

Here is a photo from 1963 showing Robin Grieve being presented with a coffee set as a wedding gift by Jack Robertson –Development Department Boss

Unfortunately as the years have gone by so have our memories and if anyone can identify any of the others please let the Editor (editornbrinklies@aol.comI know so that names can be added

January 4 2011
Here we have the wedding gifts to Tom Bartlett and John Dickson back in 1961

October 20 2007
Castle Mills November 1957
Wedding Presentations from colleagues
Betty Boyle/J Abercrombie 
and Miss M.Moran/W Wilkinson.
   October 20 2007

News from HEATHHALL  from November 1957

Can't believe that  in a few days it will be 50 years--Editor





September 1965
Another 8 achieve 40 years and presented with gold watches


Left to Right  George Clark,  Alec Adams,  Alec Henderson, Managing Director D. F. Vallis,   Harriet Farquhar,   Adam Luke,   Charlie Tonnar,   Annie Richards,  Deputy MD V.M.Wallis,   Bert Robshaw

Annie Richards  
Motor Tubes—worked in the old Vulcanite Department from 1925 to it’s closure in 1956, when she transferred to Tyre Preparatory since 1957 a valued operator in Motor Tubes
Harriet Farquhar
Tyre Building , after 22 years in Footwear till that production was transferred to Dumfries. Harriet had a very brief spell in Royalite and then joined Tyre building in December 1957
Alec Henderson
Much of his early service was in cycle tyres. From 1938 to 1943 he was concerned with the war effort, life belts and gas masks. Promoted Foreman in 1941. Since then has moved between Sundries, moulded bottles, Royalite, Car mats and now back in Sundries guiding flow and quality for the automotive industry. The Henderson have a great record, his father 48 years, brother George in his 48th, sister Chrissie 32 years, two other brothers shorter spells
Charlie Tonnar
Technical Assistant Tyre Development, all his 40 years have been within the Tyre Division. Charlie has worked at most production operations Quality Control and for quite a few years now has been within the Tyre Development group.
Bert Robshaw
Wembley, a Yorkshireman, Joined us at Tottenham Court Road  London after a couple of years in the Merchant Navy. His 40 years have all been within our London Warehousing more recently at Wembley
Alec Adams
Car Mats- started in Solvent in 1925. Switched to tubing in 1948 and then to Car Mats in September 1956. All of his service has therefore been with the Mechanical Division at Castle Mills
Adam Luke
Mechanical Warehouse, likewise Adam started in Solvent where he has spent the bulk of his service. From 1952 –54 he was in Hose followed by a couple of years in Vulcanite stockroom. In 1956 he moved to Mechanical Despatch
George Clark
Solvent—it was as a youth of 15 that George Clark came to Castle Mills to the Solvent Department where he has spent all his 40 years. The Clark family is another
with a great record of service. George Clark’s Father and Grandfather , both named William, worked at Castle Mills. His mother was in the shoe room and his brother Murdoch is in Solvent with 38 years to his credit. A wonderful family record.


Management Comment

It is always a pleasure to honour  long and conscientious service. North British has been very fortunate in it’s employee service, in many cases generation after generation working at Castle Mills. The latest additions to the “40” Club have now joined a group whose records are indelibly  written in Company History