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July 12 2007

We have been contacted  by Nick Harrison who found our NBR website and wondered " whether any of your members would be able to help me with my research. In 1909 Messrs Grose & Feary built a monoplane in our village using NBR rubberised cloth."

Nick has a web site http://www.oakingtonplane.co.uk please go there to see the project --it is very well presented and if anyone can help with information please contact the editornbrinklies@aol.com

Below is the NBR advertisement for the fabric



March 12 2007
This is a NBR advertisement --probably from a time between 1920 and 1939 but the Editor is only guessing if  anyone knows better please let me know  It is also interesting to note the mention of the 5 line telephone  exchange--how times have changed ! ! 

In order to be able to read the information it has been sectionalised and 
the parts are shown below


        In order to assist you in reading this advert below is shown the parts in larger type

             Top Left shown Below                                                            Top Right shown below

                                                         Top Right shown below

       Bottom Middle part shown below

     Bottom left                                                                               

   Bottom Right


March 2007

An interesting record from the Scotsman  from 75 years ago of a royal visit to Castle Mills