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Stewart Dalgleish
Eric Leishman
Ian Ewing
Dave Crook
  Bob Humphries
John Wall
Margaret Anderson

Tucker Brothers
Frank Stephen
Jimmy Grant

P H Lee & AC Johnston

Mr Gordon Organisation

Castle Mills Hooter
D H Gordon & AD McDiarmid

Kiely Family

A collection of personalities  including  AForbes, A Johnston, Dave Vallis, 
George Tulloch,  Percy Lee, Barney Henderson,Ron Chalk, 
and the Smart sisters

October 25th 2011
Below we have a photo of Stewart Dalgleish receiving his certificate in 1964--see below photo for details
The Editor thought Eric Leishman would appreciate it ! ! ! 


Sept 21, 2011

Hi reference information from Eric Leishman in May 2011, working photo of Stewart Dalgleish, taken 18th September 2011, Scottish Borders.



May 12 2011
Eric Leishman a Canadian resident has given us some interesting comments 
about his time at North British with some snippets from the past plus a 
photograph of how he looks today

Eric as he is Today

Stewart Dalgleish,  Eric Leishman,  Ron Archibald


A presentation to students from 1965/66 with a special mention of Eric and Stewart

A wonderful tribute to Wilf Salisbury



   April 18 2011
In  the past the Personality description has been obtained from the old NB News sheets Now we have a story about an old employee who died recently and had an interesting life including his time working with North British Rubber and subsequently Uniroyal


Ian was the Birmingham Branch Manager for many years and below you can see some of the belongings that his niece Lorna Clarke found when clearing up his effects and SHE has shared his life story with us

Ian was born in 1927  and was evacuated to Linlithgow during the second world war.

He worked on Lorna's father's family farm until called up for National Service in the RAF in the late forties. While serving in Palestine he was injured when a truck he was travelling in was blown up and Ian suffered injuries including a broken pelvis and had to lie on his back in hospital for six weeks. After National Service Ian joined the railways and shortly after that emigrated to Rhodesia returning to Britain after seven years . He joined North British Rubber Company on his return from Rhodesia
His niece Lorna Clarke then tells us a little about Ian from the family perspective


He never married which was a shame as he would have made a great Dad, he was a very kind, considerate man, conscientious and had high principles.  He nearly got married when he was in Africa, but sadly he came home and she didn't at that time and then before they met again she met someone else.  He did spend a lot of time living with and looking after his elderly parents, firstly in Coventry and then when he retired he moved up to Sanquhar. 

Ian was a wonderful dancer although I'm not sure where or when he learnt, he was a very popular person and always looked years younger than he was.  He kept his hair and didn't go grey even when in his 80s, he was charming and fun and probably my 'best mate'.  He listened to what one had to say and was genuinely interested, he kept a secret and was very loyal.  He was Best Man at my sister's wedding, gave me away at my Wedding (as my father had passed on) and also gave away 3 of his nieces in Glasgow....sort of a bit like the never ending bridesmaid!



Below are shown some items which Lorna wished to dispose of and they are now in storage on
 behalf of the NBRinklies

They include three different Uniroyal Tire Division items including jackets, an umbrella, various  
key rings, letter opener with penknife, Tire Desk ornament and a pair of Snow Boots. USRoyal 
tire fact sheets, First Aid Kit and a Fairly hefty Tome on economics, 

A Sales conference held in Elche Spain

Below is the Tyre Distribution managers meeting in Dumfries

Ian Ewing is shown third from the Right in the photo above


Click here to see the pamphlet contents

They are very interesting reference to Heathhall

They have been converted to PDF to allow you to make larger or smaller dependent on your eyesight needs

and lastly a photo of a Tyre Advert from that time






January 17 2011

December 4 2010


September 25 2010
John Wall


August 25 2010

Mrs Margaret Anderson


April 17 2008

The Tucker Brothers

April 17 2008

January 31 2008


January 31 2008
This is from the NB News of July/August 1957


January 13 2008

Martin Hale has found some North British News pre 1950 and below are 
some copies from them
----Thank you Martin

North British News 
General Works Manager, Mr Gordon explains the


January 19 2008
This is the development Organisation as defined by Mr D.H.Gordon 1950

January 13 2008
Below is a cutting from the 
North British News of 1951 
telling us about the 
Castle Mills Hooter


January13 2008

Below is from the North British News of 1951 showing Mr DH Gordon
who was a Canadian of Scottish descent. He was the gentleman who 
presented Mr Rutledge from Canada with the ball described in 
"Seeking Info" page of this web site
This photograph is also a 


October 20 2007
Below is a  cutting featuring the Kiely family --three generations dated September 1955 
from the  Personality column of the North British News which was produced & edited by 
Tom W. W. Davie

March 7 2007
Below are the first collection of cuttings featuring employees of the company 
and shown in the  Personality column of the North British News which 
was produced edited by the ever effective and efficient  Tom W. W. Davie

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George Tulloch
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